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Sunrise Scuba - Underwater Hull Maintenance - Stamford, CT
Service includes; inspection of hull, running gear and zincs. The necessary cleaning of hull, running gear and components as needed.

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Every boat is different and we have the experience to bring service to you and your vessel. Our customers boats range in size from 12' all the way 150' (the average size boat is 35' LOA) and each boat needs different amounts and levels of service. We carefully remove growth, slime and barnacles from the hull, keel, waterline, trim tabs, ram water intakes (engine, generator, AC), props, shaft, struts, transducers, speed indicators, brackets, underwater lights, stabilizers, bow thrusters, stern thrusters, accessible thru-hull fittings.

Hull maintenance is different for each vessel and depends on the existing condition of your anti-fouling paint. The underwater service that we provide is tailored to your vessels needs and may include; scrubbing, brushing, washing, scrapping (heavy growth and or barnacles), polishing and even wet-sanding. The necessary work is detailed by hand and since we do not use mechanical equipment, or chemicals - our service is gentle on your boat!

Zincs will be inspected and replaced upon request. If possible please provide information about your specific zinc sizes in your sign up form.

We will provide any necessary feedback when requested or when we find something out of the ordinary as we will note; hull blistering, hull damage, prop damage and carefully removing lobster pot lines that boaters have inadvertently got caught up in.

If you can provide us specific information on mooring location we can help find it. We can also provide detailed notes on mooring conditions with a scheduled inspection.

Did you lose your keys or maybe your hatch cover? You are not alone, we have provided salvage service over the years and have a good success rate returning lost items to happy customers. If you have had the misfortune of dropping something in the water, it is important to reference the exact spot - if you're at a dock, a piece of tape works nicely. Our search results and success rates are better with good information, as many of the local marinas have a soft muddy bottom making the water murky with low visibility.

Contact us we might be able to help.


Boat Service Rates

Rates are specific to each vessel and are dependent on the size, type and condition of the boat.

Certain conditions and components may factor into the service costs and may include 

  • running gear
  • Keel size
  • trim-tabs
  • low waterline
  • paint type (Balto plate an VC Offshore can be very difficult to clean)
  • paint condition
  • location

​Please call for more information and pricing for your vessel

(203) 327-3723

Cost Example:

We normally can service a 35' sailboat for $150

**Additional charges for heavy growth

Additional Charges

  • In water winter storage - first cleaning of the season
  • Heavy growth - as extra time is needed to service your boat
  • Immediate/ emergency services
  • Cold water/ winter charge
Sunrise Scuba Diving Services

Special Rates

  • Salvage Service Rates is a $100 Minimum for small items like lost keys, sunglasses, etc. Must provide specific locations.
  • Mooring Work, Dock Work, Piling Inspections - Contact for more information.
  • Mooring inspections - $200
  • Lost moorings - $300

$250/ 30 minutes of bottom time **Accurate locations must be provided. We have been on plenty of wild goose chases over the years and cannot search the ocean floor based on hunches as these attempts are often futile. Long Island sound visibility is usually under 5 feet and searching for a lost mooring often becomes like searching for a needle in a haystack.