Welcome to Sunrise Scuba LLC

We are Southern Connecticut’s top choice for your under-water service needs.

A boat is docked in the water and has been broken into two pieces.

We are a scuba diving company that specializes in underwater hull maintenance on private vessels. We focus on servicing boat bottoms in the water, maintaining the hull, running gear, water line and necessary components to keep your boat looking good and running right. Most of our customers are on a service schedule to ensure that their boats are maintained properly and in good condition for both current and future use. By using our service to maintain your vessel’s underwater components you reduce the need and cost of hauling your boat, potential down time and gain overall peace of mind. Service frequency is different for each vessel and while some boaters need service every week, or every two weeks, many others are on 3 or 4 week service schedules.

If you're unsure what interval is correct for you, then contact us and we can help advise on a schedule that is best for your vessel, the schedule can always be adjusted at a later date to better suit your needs.

As a boat owner you are constantly faced with the upkeep needed to maintain your vessel. We are here to assist you with perhaps the most important part of your boat, the part that touches the water. By maintaining your boat bottom and keeping it smooth, clean and free of growth you are reducing the overall drag coefficient, allowing your boat to perform as it was designed to do! Sunrise Scuba is a company that specializes in helping you to maintain your boat bottom and the many underwater components, we take pride in bringing service to you and your vessel.

We have years and years of hands-on local experience serving Fairfield County - and operate fulltime from May through October and have extended service during the winter, upon request.

A boat is traveling on the water at sunset.


I really can't thank you enough for coming to my rescue - on the 4th of July, no less! I'll just say that waking up to the sound of bubbles against the hull was one of the best alarm clocks ever. many, many thanks again.


When the boats were hauled this fall at Noroton Y.C. mine was judged the cleanest!


Thanks for your assistance on short notice. It was a great feeling to depart at 6:30 am the next day with a clean bottom for racing.


Can't tell you how much I appreciate the things you do for me, including those you don't charge for. Have a good winter and we hope and want to see you next spring.